Came the long way, the claimant
Knocked the door, gesturing in coquetry and affectation
“Open the door, to my pure tender body, cleaner than water, the lucid mirror.

He knocked the door but no reply, 
The mirror blurred, the water darken.
Knocked and kicked the door, with chest and fist
Petulance and then the harsh words burst…

Hold it Friend, I said
Stop the crude words of rude
So many flowers burst
So many like you, in garden of souls
Withered, and gardener did not say a single word.

We affected hundreds of times but no one there was affected
We sat behind the door and no one opened it!
We shouted and no one heard us!
Seemed no one is in the house!

One night we saw an old master, passing the door
Came out and roamed the garden
We shouted ‘oh master of desire!’
‘No one opened the door and long time we are here’
‘You passed the door as breeze’
‘Oh let the mystery release’
‘Tell us a word from within’
‘The story of love and craziness’

Do not sit here with joiner hopes, the old master said.
Stay in tavern, seeking perfection

Fulfill your desires, drink for forty days
The house will collapse turning into wine and Wineglass

Let the illusions go
Heal it by drinking more
No illusions for a brighten soul

Slung stones will turn to wine!
The sent kisses will turn to wine!

See nothing there, wherever you go
But drinking lips and Wineglass and wine

Who is not drunken then, whoever he is
Deserve the cupbearer love
Kissing the lips of love
Witness the mystery unconsciously

He himself  bearer the cup, soon afterward
To those who seek the cups of wine

To let them all to the palace, will teach them all to bearer the cup
The cupbearer is the king of  palace
Anyone who goes to the king palace
Should rank the same to be allowed

The king is generous and full of blessings
The palace door is open and great

Oh friend, I let you know
The closed door here is always closed!
The king has broken its key
Beware, that’s the exit door!
The trap of ascent!

Said it and left with a cup in hand
The drunken, white hair master

Then we sat here for a wine
We broke all the cups but the cup of wine

Sit here and take the Wineglass now
Fulfill your desire while you drink it
Get drunk of wine, the wine of divine!
Purify your soul and clean your sin!


Translated by Pegah Ghorannevis
Original Text by Gholamreza Rashidi