Pilgrims on the way! where are you?
Here is the beloved, here!
Your beloved lives next door
wall to wall
why do you wander
round and round the desert?

If you look into the face of Love
and not just at its superficial form
You yourselves become the house of God
and are its lords

Ten times
you trod the trek unto that house
For once
come into this house
climb onto this roof
That sweet house of sanctity --
you have described its features in detail
But give me now some indication
of the features of its Lord
If you have seen that garden,
where is your bouquet of souvenirs?
If you are from God's sea,
where is your mother of pearl soul?

And yet, may all your troubles
bring you treasure
What pity that your treasure
lies buried in your selves.

-- Translation by Franklin D. Lewis
"Rumi -- Past and Present, East and West"
Oneworld Publications, Oxford, 2000

ای قوم به حج رفـتـه کـجـایید کجایید            مــعـشـوق هـمـیـنجـــاســـت بیایید بیایید

معشـوق تـو همسایه دیوار به دیـوار            در بادیه سرگشــتــه شـما در چـه هوایید

گر صـورت بی صـورت معشوق ببینید            هم خواجه و هم خانه و هم کعبه شمایید

ده بار از آن راه بـــر آن خانه برفــتـیـد            یک بار ازیــن خــانه بــریــن بــام برآیــیـــد

آن خانه لطیفست نشانهاش بگفتــید           از خواجه آن خانه نشانــی بــنـــمــایــیـــد

یک دسته ی گل کو اگر آن باغ بدیدید           یک گوهر جان کو اگــر از بـــحـر خــدایــیـد

با این همه آن رنج شما گنج شما باد           افسوس که بر گنج شـــمــا پــرده شمایید