You #1 are actual. Who you really are is already the case; nothing is necessary to bring it into being. All that is necessary is for you to remove your attention from the illusion of who you have been told you are.

In a way, our lives in the world are like a movie projected on a screen. There is adventure, intrigue, personal challenges, conflict, fires and storms, high drama, birth and death. When you are entwined in the plot of a movie, you forget for the moment that it isn't real. You believe in the pretense of the movie so strongly that you will laugh or cry, your body will become tense, your heart will pound, but all the while you are sitting comfortably in a darkened room watching light images which are substantially unreal dancing across a white screen.

This is how we have become: watcher/participants in a movie over which we have been told that we have little directorial control. We want to be able to tell the difference between fact and fiction, but the only choices the directors give us are the scenes projected onto the screen. When we are given a choice between one scene and another, it's isn't much of a choice. It is hard to remember that everything on the screen is part of the illusion; it is temporary, one moment it is there, the next moment it is gone . . . one moment we are happy, the next we are sad.

If it is really our intent to find reality, then we must at least temporarily remove ourselves from the pretense of the movie . . . we need to learn to tell the difference between the witness who is watching the movie and the roles we are playing, the difference between the flashing, evanescent light images projected onto the screen, and the screen itself.

Our consciousness is like light, and the contents of our minds--our thoughts-- are like the film we run through the projector of our imaginations. We project into the world who we think we are and what we have been taught the world is. But these projections, like the movie, are artificial, merely illusory. When you want to see reality instead of the illusion, when you want to see the screen instead of the movie, you turn off the projector !!

by Roger Stephens