The Chinese model views Earth and the human body in terms of the five elements of creation, which are fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Each of the five elements is associated with particular acupuncture meridians and organ systems that energetically interact within the body according to the Law of the Five Elements and its cycles of energy flow. In addition to each element being linked to a particular organ system, it also has a particular musical note associated with it. The five musical notes of the Five Element System comprise of a pentatonic scale that has been used in China as a basis of musical composition and improvisation. Melodies with emphasis on particular elemental notes have been developed in China to stimulate healing of the various organ systems of the body.

Like the sun and the moon, they set and rise again.
Like the four seasons, they pass and return again. There are no
more than five musical notes, yet the variations in the five
notes cannot all be heard. There are no more than five basic
colors, yet the variations in the five colors cannot all be seen.
There are no more than five basic flavors, yet the variations in
the five flavors cannot all be tasted....

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and many more...

 By Reza Rashidi