In literature secrets live in each and every word, right in front of your eyes or hidden behind the context. They are repeated everywhere by the intuitions of the writers or just by habits. The writer is not aware of secret himself. It is also the same to the reader. Considering that the lips of wisdom whisper only to ears of understanding, the readers see and see the secrets again and again but their state of consciousness will define the shares they inherit.

Considering Persian literature almost all tales and stories start like this:

“There was somebody and there was not a single body” or “there was no one but the one” and then the story starts to go on. The statement goes to the beginning of stories as the name of God goes.

Where does it come from?
No certain answers. No name could be called as the first composer.

Does it worth thinking about?
Generally thinking the answer is no cause it come as the starting sentence of almost all stories as routine! Not a single mind bothers to hesitate on the most heard/read sentence and the secret right in front of the reader eyes will remain a secret.

Based on general framework that exists in our mind we always look to define border lines on every phenomenon to be able to understand/know it. Considering the universe existence we look for borders too, a start point and an ending point. Man struggles to define the first border lead to the main question which wants to know the starting point of universe.

 Science could set the starting point and may have answers to explain how it happened but is unable to answer why it happened.

The simple sentence at the starting line of Persian literature is going to explain the important why.

For sure it is generated intuitively and is placed at the starting point of tales to tell a tale.

There was no one but the one is capable to be at the starting point, exactly before the starting point, of any tale. How about the tale of Universe Creation!? That, s the point before the universe creation there was no one but the one and then the story of creation starts and clears the answer to the why of creation.

Because the one manifested to itself when there was no one else in nonentity. The positive pole touched the negative pole and the circuit started. Universe switched on.

It then inherited from it, s ancestor to touch the opposite pole to keep the circuit on. Opposite are everywhere in circuit to keep it on. Good and bad, beast and beauty, positives and negatives are active deep into galaxies down into molecules and atoms. The one appeared everywhere. Deep into galaxies down into atoms any tale starts with there is no one but one.

To be continued…
by Gholamreza Rashidi