There is no other way but me

I am the king size generosity to the beggars of nonentity, the tavern image on canvas of being, the eternal beloved in desert of insane love, the treasure the ruined (treasure) house , the candle the butterfly, the wisdom of all-wise , I am the drunken land and you have no other way but me.


I am the joy of gain, the being, the altar and the prostrated, the worshiped, the volition, the goal, the promised night, the lute fragrance, the sound of David,  the witnessed witness, the shortcut the long way, I am the fortunate man of highway and you have no other way but me.


I am the drunken wine, the essence of wine , the arrow ,the archer, the high ward of downwards, the higher hand, the free one, the drunk cupbearer, I am the final way and you have no other way but me.


I am the said, the unknown, the well known, the sigh of Sufi, the pure of (with) no religion, the sting salver, the origin of myself, the philanthropist king, I am the next valley and you have no other way but me.


Nonentity= where there was nothing but need.

Promised night= The Al-Ghader night as said in the holy book

By Gholamreza Rashidi

Jan 2009 









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